Philip Johnny Bob is Junie B.'s stuffed elephant. He appears in almost every book. Philip Johnny Bob is Junie B.'s favorite stuffed animal, by the books. She brings him on trips with her, as seen in Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal and Aloha-ha-ha!. Junie B. seems to feel a lot safer when he is around, as shown in Junie B. Jones has a Monster Under her Bed and BOO! And I MEAN It!. In Junie B's Mind, Philip Johnny Bob and the toys can talk to her. In "Aloha-ha-ha!", Junie B.'s mother brings her a new Hawaiian Barbie doll which Junie B. names Delores. Philip Johnny Bob is shown to dislike Delores because of her "pointy, hard hands" poking him in the backpack while on the trip to Hawaii. Delores is only mentioned in this book and it is unknown whether Junie B. still has her. It is known that May has a stuffed elephant just like Junie B.