Mr. Scary is Junie B. Jones' first grade teacher. Although, not much of him is shown personality wise, he seems to be a nice teacher since he bought Junie B. Jones a special trinket mentioned in Aloha ha ha. Another sign he is a caring teacher is he seems be patient and he says something kind before something critical such as "That's nice... You sang it well... it really isn't Christmas". He doesn't seem to care for May and Junie b. Jones tattling on each other as shown through out several books such as Boo and I Mean It, Jingle Bells Batman Smells P.S so Does May, and more. He also is firm when it comes to academic cheating as mentioned in Cheater Pants.

He seems to be tall in appearance though he is around little 1st graders. His hair seems to be darker--maybe brown. He also seems to dress formal as seen in several picture in the series.