Junie Beatrice "Junie B." Jones is the main protagonist of the book series, "Junie B. Jones". She is the oldest child of Robert and Susan Jones. She also is the older sister of baby Ollie. Junie B. starts out in kindergarten, then advances to first grade. In kindergarten, Junie B. is best friends with Lucille and Grace. When she goes to first grade, Junie B. befriends Herb, Lennie, Jose, and Shirley. She is also shown to get along with a boy named Sheldon. In kindergarten, Junie B.'s teacher is "Mrs.". The last name of her kindergarten teacher is never known. In her kindergarten books, Junie B. was known for wearing a bow in her hair, getting sent to the office, having a "boyfriend" named Ricardo, and nicknaming her friends "Richie Lucille" and "That Grace". In the first grade books, Junie B. gets purple glasses and loses her bows. Rather than getting sent to the office, Junie B. is shown to get notes after misbehaving. Junie B. is often shown talking to her stuffed elephant "Phillip Johnny Bob" and then voicing him in response throughout the series. Junie B. has 4 enemies through the series. In kindergarten, her enemies are two boys. One is named Jim and the other is Paulie Allen Puffer. In first grade, Lucille ditches Junie B. and befriends Camille and Chenille. For the rest of the books, Lucille is portrayed more as an antagonist. Her other enemy is a tattletale girl named May. Junie B. has a dog named Tickle. She is often babysat by her Grandpa Frank Miller. All of the books are told through Junie B.'s point of view.