Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business is the 2nd Junie B. Jones book.



Through a misunderstanding, Junie B. thinks that her new baby brother is really a baby monkey, and her report of this news creates excitement and trouble in her kindergarten class.



Junie B.'s mother gives birth to a baby boy, giving Junie B. her own "monkey brother" due to a misunderstanding with her grandmother. This book introduced Ollie, a recurring character. She tells her kindergarten class that she's having a new baby brother and he's a real monkey, causing Jim and Paulie Allen Puffer to tease her. Her best friends Lucille and that Grace give up everything they have on them just to be the first person to see him. After Junie B. gets in trouble for making her friends give up their stuff, she is sent to the Principal's office. The Principal and Grandma Miller explain that this was a misunderstanding and Ollie isn't a real monkey. Junie B. returns to class and they have a conversation about sayings and expressions. In the end, Ricardo is the first to see Junie B.'s baby brother as they leave class.