Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket is the fifteenth book in the Junie B. Jones series.


When Junie B. learns that her kindergarten class is going on a field trip to a farm, she worries about being attacked by a rooster or a pony after watching a horror show.


Junie B learns that school was going to end soon and was worried about first grade until Mrs explains that she won't be in the same class as the first graders right now cause those guys will move up to second grade. What made Junie B scared is that her class will go to a farm for an end of the year field trip. At home Mother tells Junie B not to be afraid and she tells her about Uncle Billy and his pony and rooster. Roosters are a jillion times scarier than ponies. Mother buys Junie B an outfit to wear to the trip which was overalls, straw hat and flannel shirt. She also got a camera. The day of the trip Junie B was unhappy about being there until Farmer Flores has her be his helper. Jim and Paulie Allen Puffer tease Junie B about her fear of roosters. When Junie B meets a baby chick named Spike and learns he'll be a rooster when he's older. After that it ended well.